Splendid! - Paul


   Hey everybody this illustration is based on the great podcast THE DEAD AUTHORS PODCAST hosted by the wannabe time lord HG Wells who is played by the great Paul F Tompkins. This podcast revolves around the idea that HG Wells travels throughout time searching for famous authors who he then brings to the present and interviews. What is amazing about this podcast is that not only do we get to peek into a mind of the authors loopy minds but the fact half the comedians who play the various authors come from great podcasts such as Comedy Bang Bang, Superego, and The Thrilling Adventure Hour.

 When I started listening to this podcast from episode 1 I always wanted to add my 2 cents to this idea. Really had a lot of fun penciling ,inking, and coloring this image. The main idea of this podcast comes from the influence of Doctor Who, and a little bit of JJ Abrams with the lens flare. If I had to compare which time machine i’d prefer to draw it would have to be this one it just seems more ornate not to say that the Doctors police box is boring but this has flair where as the police box is made to be unassuming. 

omg this truly is the best podcast ever and everyone should check it out

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    omg this truly is the best podcast ever and everyone should check it out
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    Splendid! - Paul
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